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Root Canal for Tiger

Dr Koren, along with help from fellow staff Jill, Kim and dentist Dr. Dave Galatas, performed a root canal and cleaning procedure on a tiger at the Carnivore Preservation Trust on Saturday, October 13, 2007. Eliza was a 12 year old tiger weighing in around 350-400lbs. Overseeing the entire procedure was Dr Laurie Weisel of Pittsboro Animal Hospital. Also there to help were additional staff from the Animal Hospital and CPT. Before it was all over, almost everyone had stroked, touched and petted the big tiger; a rare privilege. Eliza survived her treatment well. Though tigers in the wild usually only live 10 years, tigers cared for by CPT often live 17-20 years.

Eliza before the procedurestaff working on Eliza

Eliza before the procedure began.     Staff working diligently on Eliza.


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