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Childs First Visit

The American Dental Association recommends that children be seen for their first dental exam within 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth.  Though eruption patterns are different for all children it’s usually around 12-18 months of age.  We recommend a pediatric dentist for all children under 5 years and begin seeing children in our office at the age of 5.  Your child’s first visit will establish a vital foundation for our relationship.  It is important your child be prepared and knows what is expected of him/her as well as from us.  There are a few measures that can be taken to ensure that your child’s first visit is positive.

  • Read books that discuss visiting the dentist. A few great selections are Arthur’s Tooth by Mark Brown, Barney Goes to the Dentist by Linda Dowdy and The Berenstain Bear’s Visit the Dentist by Jan & Stan Berenstain.
  • Refer to the dentist as the one who helps us keep our teeth healthy and strong.
  • Take turns counting teeth and looking into each other’s mouths with flashlights.
  • Have your child use a battery-operated toothbrush; the vibrations mimic our tools.
  • Bring your child by the office to meet the staff and take a tour prior to their scheduled appointment.
  • Bring your child to your cleaning appointment to observe.

During your child’s first visit and often on subsequent recall exams the following are performed and discussed.

  • You will be asked to complete a patient registration form along with a health history addressing allergies, medications taken, systemic and heart conditions. Without complete knowledge your child’s care could be compromised. You can save time by downloading these forms and having them completed when you arrive for the appointment.
  • A staff member will greet you and your child in the waiting room.
  • A brief tour of our office is provided for you and your child.
  • You will then be directed back to the waiting room where we will ask that you remain for the completion of your child’s appointment. Please do not leave the office.
  • All necessary digital dental x-rays are obtained.
  • Teeth will be charted for dental eruption and any existing restorations noted.
  • A professional teeth cleaning and fluoride application.
  • A complete tooth-by-tooth cavity evaluation.
  • Occlusion (bite) and jaw joint function analysis.
  • Patient education on homecare and diet as it pertains to dental health.
  • Professional referrals when necessary for specialized procedures.
  • A customized treatment plan will be discussed to incorporate your child’s immediate, intermediate and long-term dental needs. An overview of all fees, co-payments, insurance coverage and payment options for all recommended procedures.
  • A return appointment that suits both parties will be scheduled.
  • We encourage you and your child to ask questions; we want you to leave our office feeling confident and secure with our dental team.
  • A personal dental care bag and trip to the treasure box upon completion of the visit.

Adults First Visit

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