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Financial Policy

credit cards


All applicable deductibles and co-insurance portions are due at the time service is rendered.

Forms of Accepted Payment

Cash, Personal Checks, American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Care Credit, and Citi Health are all acceptable forms of payment in our card logos


Payment Plans

We have partnered with Care Credit and Citi Health cards to assist you in finding affordable ways to pay for dental services.  Care Credit and Citi Health offer short term no interest payment plans and long term payment plans with a reduced interest rate. This allows you to have dental treatment done when you need it and pay for it over time.  Once approved for credit, you can present your card or your account number with proper identification as a form of payment at your appointments. Care Credit and Citi Health cards may be used for any member of your family that needs dental treatment. You may apply for Care Credit or Citi Health in our office or prior to your visit by phone or online. You can reach Care Credit by phone at 1-800-365-8295 or online at to apply. You can reach Citi Health Cards by phone at 1-866-832-8762 or online at

Returned Checks

There is a $35.00 charge for all returned checks.


Patients must pay a deposit in order to reserve an appointment for major restorative work. Most procedures that fall within this category are root canals, crowns, bridges, partials, and/or operative appointments that will require 1 Ĺ hours of time or more. The deposit is equal to half the patientís co-insurance for that procedure.


Our office automatically mails out monthly statements for any remaining balances on your account. Please remit payment of your balances upon receipt. You can choose to mail a check, bring cash to the office or pay over the phone with your debit or credit card.

Account Balances*

Payment is due on the date services are rendered. Every effort is made to calculate your patient co-insurance amounts for each date of service.  However they are still only estimates based on the current information you and your dental benefit plan provided to our office. The exact amounts are not factually known until the claim has been paid and received. You will receive monthly statements that reflect any balance on your account. We file contracted insurance as a courtesy however you are responsible for any balance amount remaining on your account after 60 days. Any accounts that are sent to collections will be charged a $50.00 fee.

Balances Over 90 Days Old*

Every effort is made to inform you of your account balance. Our office mails monthly statements and makes courtesy phone calls in an attempt to collect any owed balances.  We instill the help of an outsourced collection agency once we have exhausted our efforts to contact you and collect your balance that remains after 90 days.

*We will extend emergency care only to patients with past due accounts. We will not allow new treatment to be scheduled for patients with past due accounts.

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