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X-rays Policy

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Are Dental x-rays really necessary?

Yes, dental x-rays are definitely necessary. Not all dental disease and conditions can be detected by the naked eye. Some conditions produce no symptoms or pain. Without x-rays, these conditions can progress causing pain, costly treatment and even systemic health issues.  Dental x-rays are taken for the patients benefit so that necessary diagnosis, treatment planning and subsequent treatment can occur.

How often should I have dental x-rays?

New patients should have posterior bitewing x-rays, selective periapicals and a panorex x-ray.   New patients who have a history of extensive dental treatment should receive a full mouth series. Bitewing x-rays are needed once every 6-12 months depending on your overall dental health.  Panorex x-rays are needed once every 5-7 years depending on your overall dental health.  These general guidelines are based on scientific evidence evaluated by an expert panel. 

Are dental x-rays safe?

Yes, dental x-rays are safe. We take every precaution to minimize the amount of radiation received.  We use a lead apron and thyroid collar as well as high resolution digital imaging system. The risk of radiation exposure during dental x-rays is not significantly greater than what you would receive during every day activities in the sun or flying in an airplane.

Can I refuse dental x-rays?

No, you may not refuse dental x-rays. The dental industry standard of care indicates that the dental professional will perform a complete oral examination and obtain necessary diagnostic tests and x-rays.  Treatment without necessary x-rays is considered negligent. We cannot allow our patients to consent to negligent care.  Therefore we will not treat patients without proper diagnostic x-rays.

Will you accept x-rays from my previous dentist?

Yes, absolutely we will accept x-rays from your previous dentist for new patient diagnostic purposes provided that the bitewing are less than 12 (twelve) months old, the panorex x-ray is less than 5 (five) years old and the periapcials are less than 12 (twelve) months old for asymptomatic teeth. We will accept x-rays for diagnostic purposes of symptomatic teeth so long as they are less than 1 (one) month old.

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