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Warranty of Work

Our qualified dental team makes every effort to provide you with a high quality final crown, bridge, partial and denture result by using well established labs, the latest products available as well as the utmost care and diligence.  We are confident in our quality of work and support it with a warranty which very few dental offices offer. We warranty our fixed dental crowns, bridges, and our removable partials and dentures for a period of ten (10) years from the date of placement. 

This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

  1. You must remain a patient with our practice for the entirety of the ten (10) years following the placement of the crown, bridge, partial or denture.

  2. You must maintain a schedule of regular recall appointments in our office, to include a minimum of an oral exam every 3-6 months, a cleaning every 3-6 months, bitewing xrays every 12 months and a panorex xray once every 5-7 years. The frequencies are based on your periodontal and overall dental health.

  3. You must maintain a high standard of home dental care to include all items outlined in your “Caring for Partials” or “Caring for Dentures” guidelines as well as brushing all remaining natural teeth a minimum of two (2) times per day and flossing once per day.

  4. You must complete, in our office, all treatment in the area of the mouth where the dental crown, bridge or partial is located within three (3) months of being diagnosed and treatment planned. Crowns & Bridges refers to quadrant of mouth and partials refer to the entire arch.

  5. We will replace the crown, bridge, partial or denture at no additional cost for either materials or labor if there is a failure in the fabrication and if all limitations are met.

  6. The warranty is null and void if the failure is due to abuse, including but not limited to chewing ice or similarly hard items, removing bottle caps with or using the crown, bridge, partial or denture as a tool in anyway, accident damage, self-adjustments, etc.

  7. The warranty is null and void if the crown or bridge should need to be removed or damaged due to a dental problem or  repair with the supporting tooth/teeth including but not limited to root canals, recurrent decay, etc.

  8. The warranty does not include the addition of teeth, relines, rebases as these are expected over time with natural wear and use. These items are outlined in your Partial or Full Denture Consent Form.



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